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Why You Should Still Get a Flu Shot This Year

GP in Claremont. Nov. 10, 2021 — The flu shot is far less effective than the COVID-19 vaccines, causes more side effects and targets an infectious disease that most people survive, with the flu killing only a fraction of those who die from coronavirus. So should...

The Best Foods for Your Brain | WebMD

General Practitioner in Cape Town. When you feed your body, you’re also feeding your brain. These foods can help you keep your memory and concentration sharp. Pomegranates are not just strikingly beautiful to look at; they’re nutrient-rich, too. The seeds...

Does Zinc Really Help Treat Colds?

Doctors in Cape Town. Nov. 9, 2021 – There’s new evidence that zinc is effective against viral respiratory infections such as colds. The study, published in BMJ Open, is an extensive analysis of previous studies on the topic. Jennifer Hunter, PhD, of Western Sydney...